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We provide tailor made solutions for all your education needs
√  One to One Tuition
√  7+, 10+, 11+
√  Full Shool Applications Support for Parents
√  Interview Preparation
√  Music Scholarship Applications
√  Online Tuition
√  Homeschooling
√  Special Educational Needs
√  Alevel
√  University / Oxbridge Applications
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Private Tutoring

Discover the services we provide and what we cater for. We pride ourselves on being adaptable, versatile, and efficient. Every placement is unique to us and we endeavour to find a compatible tutor to work with you in order to achieve excellent results.

Our Subjects

Browse through our catalogue of subjects that we currently offer private tuition in. Our subjects list is constantly expanding. If there is a specific subject or educational service that you require that is not listed here, please contact us.

"We were looking for a tutor to coach our daughter Lana in preparation for the 11+ exams. Teleios tutors provided us with a tutor who helped her excel academically. Lana's confidence has improved dramatically as a result. Lana gained a place at the school of our choice and we are very delighted."

--Mr Woodman, Sw10